Friday, January 20, 2012

How Do Websites Fit Into Today's Internet?

There are a lot of ways for you to get your influence out on the internet.  Originally, we had simple websites and email.  A website in the early days of the internet was nothing more than some really basic graphics and text.  It was informational and not really a means to connect with anyone.  That has changed dramatically and continues to evolve thanks to social media and other web based technologies.  The question becomes how do you use your website today?

It's still essential to have a website.  You can get by without one by utilizing your social media as your main online presence but it's still very difficult to get everything done online without the use of a website.  What's changed is how you use your website.  Originally the website was your end all be all online persona.  Today you can think of your website as your hub.  It is the intial point of contact and from there you can direct your online visitors to all of the other online platforms you can be found on.  For instance, someone finds your website and realizes you only have a website.  They are in a pull demand situation.  It's up to them to pull info from you online and it's up to them to visit the site and see if there are any updates.  If they want your contact info or want to see projects your working on, they have to visit the site and find them.  Now if that person goes to your website and sees that you have a facebook page and they join it, you have created a push demand info.  You can post to your facebook page and they will see that info because it's automatically put into their timeline.  They will see you even if they aren't looking for you.

To take this a step further, you can create a network of online systems.  Connecting your website, blog, facebook, twitter, youtube, etc.... together unifies everything while allowing people to pick their online source of choice.  Some people only use a single social media account, maybe only facebook.  Others use lots and may miss your message on one system and catch it on another.  When we post to our blog or facebook, it automatically goes to our twitter account for instance.  The goal is to get your message across all of the platforms that your clients use.  The website is still critical and proper design and good content will keep people coming back but social media, blogs, and other web technologies allow for a custom fit for each visitor and it will keep your online persona dynamic.  

- Zack

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