Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Engaging in social media

We get asked regularly by our clients how they can get people to interact with their social media accounts.  Simple answer, it depends.  The best way to get people engaged online is to find out what engages them in real life.  People go to social media accounts because they have some interest in what you do.  First and foremost, keep your accounts active.  People follow accounts that are dynamic and interesting.  Nobody wants to follow a stagnant account that hasn't been updated in months.  Another really simple technique is to create some sort of actionable post.  A contest is a great way to get people engaged.  It can be a simple trivia question about your history or the history of where your located.  You can also give things away to the winners like merchandise with your logo or a coupon.

Most of you have likely noticed that Facebook has switched over to it's new Timeline style pages.  A lot of people are having trouble understanding the value of this.  You have lost the ability to direct people to your landing page which means it's no longer technically a "landing page", and instead is simply a Facebook tab.  The big advantages we have found are the cover photo.  This is a big space that you can use to grab peoples attention.  You can put a catchy photo, a branded message, etc...but you can change this regularly and it's easy enough anyone can do this.  The other neat feature is the actual timeline.  You can add events that have occurred throughout your business' history.  It has a lot of potential to grab peoples attention and get them to follow you.  


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